Ultimate 10 Minute Training

To maximize the effectiveness of our BamBoom Whistle Sticks we highly recommend purchasing the complete 3 piece set. Each of the three sticks has a specific function in the overall aid to creating a faster, stronger and more accurate swing. Following the protocol we suggest golfers have seen amazing increases in speed, distance, smash, carry and accuracy. You can too !!!!!

BamBoom Whistle Stick

10 Minute Training System

Gain Swing Speed, Distance & Accuracy

Quick, Simple, Effective


Procedure For Before/After Test Comparison


  1. Choose any of your current woods or irons you want to compare.
  2. Hit 5 balls and take the average swing speed & distance you record.
  3. Use the 50” Whistle Stick to twist, stretch and then swing it 8 times. The swing should be the same as your normal swing. No need to over swing.
  4. Use the 45” HEAVY Whistle Stick and swing it 6 times. No need to over swing.
  5. Use the 45” LIGHT Whistle Stick and swing 8 times. No need to over swing.
  6. Pick up your original club, hit 5 balls then record the average swing speed & distance of the 5 shots.
  7. Compare the before and after.


The results we have seen from our tests show golfers will gain on average 7-10 MPH and 18 – 26 yards in their distance.


Our Whistle Sticks can be used ANYWHERE - Inside, outside, at home, work or at the golf course.  Our quick, simple and effective training system will have you swinging faster and hitting balls further in a very short period of time. The entire routine takes 10 minutes or less. The objective is to HEAR the WHISTLE just beyond where the point of contact to the ball would have been. By constantly using our BamBoom Whistle Sticks you will be training your swing to create the maximum speed to be just beyond the point of impact, thus providing you with your most powerful swing. You’ll also be hitting the ball straighter as well because the Whistle sound is only heard if your swing path is proper.


Ladies can substitute the 45” 25oz Heavy stick for a 45” 22oz stick.